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  • As this is a team activity, there shall be a minimum of two [02] and a Maximum of four [04] participants in a team.

  • In a team, there shall be a minimum of one IEEE Student Member.

  • There shall be at least one girl (female) student in a team. 

  • One student shall participate in one team only.

  • A team member must be a student pursuing Bachelor's degree course in Engineering/Technology/BCA/BBA-CA/Science and must be registered as a full-time student in a recognized University/College/Institute.



  • Detailed Plan of action (please download the template here) to visit four schools

  • Select and be ready with four [04] schools (two [02] Urban and [02] Rural) where the students from 08th to 10 standards are available for Technology dissemination.

  • Start preparing your educational material for school interaction on one of the following domains/subjects:

  1. Technologies for Agriculture, Wastewater Treatment, and Food Processing.

  2. Technologies for Environmental Sustainability, Climate Change, and Natural Disasters.

  3. Technologies for Advanced Education in STEAM.

  4. Technologies for Rural Development & Women's Welfare.

  5. Technologies for Medical Emergencies, Healthcare, and Welfare.

  • The Team shall have a mentor (Optional) while preparing the educational material only. The mentor shall be from a respective Team Institute representative, an Industry epitome, or a representative of the local IEEE Section. A mentor must be an IEEE professional Member.

  • As Mentor’s role is to provide guidance and counselling only, the presence of a mentor during school visits and interactions is strictly prohibited.


Teams tend to be disqualified with immediate effect, if:

  • The eliminated teams shall be disqualified at the moment of elimination point.

  • There is no IEEE Student Member in a Team or not an active member.

  • There is no Girl (Female) student in a Team.

  • The team consists of only one student or more than four students.

  • A mentor is not IEEE professional member.

  • The Team fails to visit and Interact with four Schools including two urban and two rural.

  • A mentor participates in school visits or interactions.

  • A team member found:

    • completed with graduation;

    • Registered as a part-time student for any aforementioned bachelor's degree.

  • If the high-school feedback is found incomplete or ambiguous/suspicious.

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