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Eu-Reka is a ‘Technology dissemination Contest for the students (TDCS). It is an initiative to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all levels of society. Eureka is a flagship event of IEEE Education Society, Pune Section, where college students are empowered, and encouraged as 'Ambassadors of Education' with the prime objective "to raise the educational Reka of the nation". Here, 'Reka' in many Indian languages means a 'Line'. Hence, the word 'Eu-Reka' symbolizes the ‘National Literacy Level’. The Eu-Reka is an initiative to elevate the Educational Reka (line) of all levels of society and is an event for the graduating students. Eu-Reka empowers and encourages College students to promote education as ‘Ambassador of Education’ and work on:

  • To develop interest and curiosity among various society-level students to promote equitable quality education for all. This initiative shall support lowering the student drop-out rate in high school education.

  • To encourage girl students to pursue higher education in STEAM.

  •  To Increase the confidence, self-esteem, and aspirational level of the students to enable them to make the decisions.

  • To empower and encourage students to make appropriate decisions while pursuing higher education.

Why Eu-Reka?

The Eu-Reka plans to meet the following educational needs for the nation:

  • Inclusivity: In India, the rate of rural literacy is approximately 69 percent. Which is very low in comparison to the world’s average literacy rate i.e. 86 percent. For inclusiveness, the disparity between urban and rural literacy levels needs to be narrowed. Eu-Reka plans to encourage and empower rural children to pursue higher education by developing interest and curiosity in education.

  • Equity: In India, the girl drop rate is over 30% at high schools by the time they get to class IX and the number rises to 57% in class XI. A major reason is the Indian girls’ low confidence and self-esteem level arising out of social norms. EU-REKA 22 proposes to address the issue by boosting the girl students’ low aspiration levels.

As the Solution: As part of EU-REKA 22, teams of college students will go to Urban / rural high schools and conduct interactive programs related to a STEAM topic that can raise interest and curiosity among the school student community.

Hence, The Eu-Reka promotes United Nations- 17 Sustainable Development Goals (UN-17-SDG) as

  1. UN-17 SDG Goal 4: Quality Education

  2. UN-17 SDG Goal 5: Gender Equality

  3. UN-17 SDG Goal 10: Reduced inequalities

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