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Before going through guidelines please ensure you are eligible (You can check your eligibility here).


  • Register for the Eu-Reka-2022 and seek confirmation from the Eu-Reka-2022 Committee.

  • The team shall prepare and be ready with the visit and interaction plan, required material, and resources well in advance.

  • Remember, as this is a team activity, hence cohesiveness among participants and the school plays an important role.

  • Contact and get all doubts clear from the Eu-Reka-2022 Help Desk.

  • Once a team gets registration approval from Eu-Reka 2022 committee, the team can immediately start the visits and interaction with schools.

  • The Registered team shall be responsible for the selection of schools in its ecology.

  • The team shall ensure that all facilities required to complete the visit including ICT infrastructure, equipment, and other resources are available while conducting the visit.

  • The team shall schedule the school visit and subsequent interactive session with mutual agreement and convenience of the respective school

  • Confirm the Checklist for the visit to the school as follows: 

  1. School Feedback format

  2. Recording and photography facilities for Interactive sessions with students and faculties feedback.

  3. Carrying all Technology dissemination material and equipment

  4. Requirement and availability of ICT infrastructure

  • The Technology Dissemination Material shall be reflective with:

  1. A common banner with the “Eu-Reka 2022 Empower, Encourage, Engrave” tagline. A team can design their banner design according to the theme they tend to select.

  2. The Digital materials like PPTs Handouts welcome page and thank you page with interaction day and date.


  • A Team shall Interact with four [04] Schools consisting of two [02] Urban and two [02] Rural Schools.

  • Consider the eight [8th] standard to tenth [10th] standard students only for interaction and technology dissemination activity.

  • Obtain school feedback from the school with seal and signatory of competent authority only.

  • While leaving the school ensure that all documentation is completed and ready for upload.


  • Combine all the visit videos and resize them to 500 MB only. The Team can solicit the best part of all the Interactions.

  • The duration of the video shall be one hour only.


  • Video of Interaction should be uploaded on YouTube and link should be shared once uploaded.

  • School Feedback.

  • A Consolidate report on the entire activity.

  • IEEE Release form.

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